Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Such nice shadows in this picture, I'm not quite sure what happened, and of course looking at it, I didn't get up close enough so you could see any detail. Oh well such is my luck, I'm not even sure when I took the picture. I just realized that I hadn't posted it yet. The image is actually a sticker, I only watercolored in the box around the flower. I needed a quick card for a friend, so this is what I came up with. I can't believe I'm a stamper and here I was making a card with a sticker. What's up with that?
I wanted to take a quick minute and let anyone who read's my blog that I got my job at starbucks and I start training on Wed. I'm excited, I think I will be able to move up in the company fairly quick. So with that said hopefully the kids and I will be able to live on my little income alone for a bit. I still have to figure a way to get soon to be x-hubby out of the house, or find him someplace to live rather that he can affford to pay his rent and my child support. It would make my life so much easier I swear, and the kids I think, because then we could get on a schecule that works for us, and everyone will know what is expected of each of them. With me working now, unfortunately the boys are going to have to be a bit more responsible, they are going to be 11 in Feb. so I don't think I will be asking too much of them. What do you all think is acceptable to ask of 11 and 14 year old children, the 11 yr olds being boys and the 14 yr old is my daughter? Just looking for ideas. I'm going to try my best to make sure that Payton is left with the boys too much, because that is NOT her responsibility. It was mine when I was younger and I hated that so much, so I will do my best not to do that to her.
Well hopefully today at sometime I get my rear end down stairs and whip up some spectacular card designs to submit to a design team call, I had a card all figured out in my head but then of course we all know how that goes sometimes, it just never works out on paper..........LOL Hope you all have a wonderful 2008!
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Tricia said...

It's a beautiful card Jen! We're paper-crafters and stickers are paper, too!!!! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'll work on the coloring tutorial soon!

Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas said...

CONGRATULATIONS JEN!!!! I knew you could do it. Way to go with Starbucks. What a fun place to work. Does the school offer after school care for the 11 year olds? I don't think they need it if you think they are responsible. They should be fine on there own. Can you work it out that your ex picks them up after school. He should help you out. I would definetly go thru the state for child support. JMO, i know you all are on good terms, but they can't make him pay if it is not documented. Girl, we need to catch up. I was so sick over Christmas break. I lost your numbers...When I can croack our a conversation (sore throat) i will be getting with you. hugs & congrats again!!

lindsalita said...

This card is gorgeous!

~amy~ said...

Beautiful card and congrats on your job with Starbucks!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful card!

Anonymous said...

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oct809 said...

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