Sunday, January 6, 2008

Word of the Year

Well I suppose this card would have been appropriate for New Year's but I just didn't get it up here..........Oh well! LOL I love the Bella's but I have had to totally stay away from the site, because I have seen so many new ones since I was last there on everyone else's blogs. You know blurfing (blog surfing) really is rough on the ol' wallett. If only I could stop! I have tried but it really is an addiction. Sorry I haven't been around lately, Starbucks is kickin' my butt, actually not my butt really, more like my brain. LOL I need some more memory skills. There is so much to remember, I'm off today and who would have thought between cleaning house, and stamping I would be saying I'm going to be studying for my Starbucks job............:) Oh well the most important thing is I love it, and I think my management is happy with me!! Yippeee

Now on to something I saw on a couple of blogs I have already been to today!

What's your Word??
This is something I remember seeing on Ali Edwards blog last year and she's doing it again this year!
You choose a word to represent the New year for yourself. I think I have come up with the perfect word for me and my KIDS!

Now this word has many meanings, and I'm not going to list them all, I'm only going to list the most important one that pertains to myself and the kids, and it's the definition that is on the stamp from Define your Life (Stampin' UP!)

{Jur-nee} n. An experience or process that leaves you changed, trail of experience. From here to there.

Now if any of you have read my blog you no that the kids and I are on a major journey of sorts through this next year. The divorce, my new job, a whole new living experience, and everything that goes along with a divorce. All the good and the bad. Am I prepared, yes I believe so. But then again never having gone through this before I'm not sure of what might come my way. Am I strong enough to handle everything, YES I believe so. I have become a more confident, stronger and capable person in the last 6 months. Most of all I feel I have become a more Emotionally stronger person. Is this all my doing? No it definitely isn't but it is partly my doing. Is it partly due to my soon to be ex? Yes in a big way, but yet it is also due to myself, and the few friends and family that no me the best (you all know exactly who you are!) One person has shown me and given me my self esteem back, and taught me that I am a good and beautiful person on the inside which is where it counts the most, but also on the outside. Another person has taught me that Yes I can stand up for myself, and stay true to my feelings, and that they aren't wrong. I could go on forever about all of this but just know if I can do it, anyone can do it! My journey will definitely leave myself and the kids changed, hopefully all for the good, but I am prepared for whatever comes my way. I am confident that WE will all be better people in the end for having gone through this JOURNEY!
Thanks for reading through this whole Philosophical moment with me if you have read this far, and I hope that you take a minute of your time to ponder this thought, and one of my goals is to make a frame or something similar to hang in my living room somewhere, where I will see my word everyday, and be reminded that no matter how hard it gets this journey will be not only a year long process but a life long process also, and that we can do it!

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All Pink girl said...

Your blog is beautiful ,you make such gorgeous cards ,
you are a very inspiring women with all you have been though,
take care Dawnx

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