Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Well here it is, my first card on my new blog. I'm actually pretty impressed with how this card turned out. It's been a bit since I actually made it, along with some others. I'm going to wait and post the other pics though just in case I don't have something to post.
Hope you enjoy the card!
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Jana Weaver said...

Cute card!! Love the scalloping.

Just read your comment on my blog, and wanted to let you know that Inge posts her stuff in both Dutch and English, so if you scroll down you can usually find the english translation. I've discovered most folks in Holland speak perfect english!!

And...we ALMOST share a bday! Mine is the 15th!! (tax day!! :( )

Have a wonderful day!

Bev The Softball Mom said...

Very nice Jen!

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