Sunday, December 23, 2007

I don't think I have posted this card yet, but I was getting tired of the Christmas I thought I would look and see what I had on the computer all ready. I'm feeling in the mood to go stamp, but the problem is my basement is a total disaster!!! I probably have a 4x4 spot on my table to create on.........LOL Then of course I still need to clean house and bake. Just not in the mood for the cleaning......but then again who is.
I was sitting here and I realized that after almost 11 years of being a Stampin' UP! demonstrator I will have to give up being a demo. I can't make my minimum for this quarter, and so that means in January I would need to place a $600 order.........Not happening. It's like a part of my body is being ripped off.........LOL I just can't imagine not getting everything in the mail, all the sneak peeks, and the discount.........I'm going to be lost. I have a huge downline, all 3rd level and below, my 2nd level downline is an amazing woman. I just could never find another recruit. Stampin' UP! has been a part of my life for so long, and I guess with the divorce going on and having to give up SU! it just seems like 2 major life changes for me, and let me tell you it's depressing! Even though I knew John and I needed to go our own ways, and be friends, it's much harder emotionally then I thought it ever would be. I think if he wasn't in the house with me it might be easier on me, but with me not having a job at the moment it's pretty hard to have 2 rent payments on 1 income. I'm still really struggling with the whole job situation. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Starbucks thing still. I'm calling another manager at the mall Starbucks on Wed. or Thur. if I don't hear from the new location, because she said that she would really like to get me in with the company. Praying praying praying. Speaking of that, we couldn't go to church this morning because my hair dryer went on the fritz.........what's up with that? And let me tell you hair dryers aren't very cheap anymore, I couldn't find one for less then 20 bucks, but hey I can't go without a hair dryer, it's scary scary sight. LOL
Well that's enough rambling, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your families.
I'm going to really try to get the basement cleaned up, I have a design team that I'm going to apply for so keeping my fingers crossed for that too!!!
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Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas said...

Merry Christmas Eve Jen!!
Sorry to hear that you have to give up Stampin Up. Try doing an open house and have a mystery hostess. I bet you could get an order together. If not, have you seen if they could put you on hold? I too have to give up selling Longaberger after the divorce, so I completely understand. We has sooo much in common.

Sorry about your hair dryer..Things will get better for you.

Does your son like to skateboard, roller skate or do crafts? I love getting our board games out..that should be good for a couple of hours. WE played TROUBLE last night, and will have a few more games to play tonight. Hugs girl. I know this is really hard on you living in the same household. I am thinking about you. Chris

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