Saturday, December 15, 2007


It feels like it's going to be a long day today. It's snowing, and yes it's pretty but it's cold, and if it snows too much I won't be able to go to church, and I really think I need to go. It' s been a long week. Stressful, emptying, confusing, oh I'm sure there are so many more adjectives I could use, it just doesn't seem like I have the strength. We all had dinner with my dad last night before we went to the movies, and it was so hard to say goodbye. I guess I don't ever really think about my dad that much, when he isn't here, because he's not always been a big part of my life. But when I see him it brings back so many different memories, especially about my step mom, I think it makes it even rougher.

Payton and I stopped at the Christian book store today, and I got a new bible, and a cheater book to help me while I'm reading. A new online friend of mine told me that the book of John was a good book to start with so Payton and I are reading it and then were going to discuss it together. I think doing something like this with Payton will be something special that her and I can continue on for a long time, and keep us close, besides I'm probably going to need her help anyways......LOL Payton actually snickered at me when I looked a the big print bibles, but I ended up with a regular print. Little booger :) I did get tabs so that I could find the books a bit easier.

When I was bluffering the internet today, Kitchen sink was offering blog candy and all you had to do was leave a comment saying what your favorite treat for Christmas was.........Divinity immediately came to my mind. I haven't had that for so long, my grandma use to make it, I can't even tell you how long it's been, my Grandma has been gone for 14 yrs, and after posting that comment it dawned on me that Monday would have been her birthday, she would have been 75. It seems like she's been gone forever some days and then other's it seems like she was just sitting beside me talking to me. Happy Birthday Grandma I love you!

Ok I promise tomorrow I will try and post a card or at least something, I still have to get my BFF Christmas box done and ready to mail by Monday.......especially since it has stuff from Halloween in it too. Can you tell I'm not real good at getting my act together! Have a great night, and stay warm, keep your fingers crossed that we don't get the predicted 10 in. of snow.

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