Friday, May 18, 2007

Dr. Called

Yipeeeee!!! The biopsy came back and it was all clean. I'm so relieved, excited, elated, any other adjective you can think of! LOL I called the Gyn. and am waiting to hear back from them with a surgery date, so we'll see where that falls...............Still no stamping today, yet............Hubby and I did a few errands and I had to take a nap.............I just don't get how I can get so tired just from a few short errands. Tonight is movie night with the kiddos, we're watching Charlotte's Web, the newer one, I bought kettle Korn popcorn and fudgebars, so all should be good on the home front........LOL


Amber P. said...

Great news!!! Glad to hear it!!
p.s my bella images are in the mail.

Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas said...

That is wonderful news! We have yet to watch Charolette's web, but I heard it was wonderful. We watched Tuck Everlasting. we too have movie night! Have a restful sunday! Chris

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