Friday, May 25, 2007

Here's a card that I stamped not too long ago....................I just love the ric rac with the little prima and bling. This is one of the new acrylic stamp set that I have been acquiring lately. I seem to be drawn to alot of them these days. On another note: I got my sugery date for my hysterectomy, and needless to say I'm so upset, I have family coming in on June 13th (mom, dad, sister, and grandma) they are coming for my brother's wedding on the 16th, which I'm making the programs for (haven't started yet BAD!!!) My whole family excluding me is in the wedding, my boys are ring bearer's and Payton is a junior bridesmaid, along with John standing up with my brother. So you guessed it, my surgery is scheduled for the 13th of June, abdominal hysterectomy................if I didn't take that date, I couldn't get it done until the last week of July, which will conflict with my hopes of getting this job that I have a lead on, since my preschool room is closing at the end of this year. There just isn't enough time to recover for school to start, we start August 14th, and I have to have a job...............or boy oh boy, we'll be starving! I so hate this situation, the stress from the problems that I'm already having, the surgery, now the date of the surgery, and the probability of the fact that I might not even be able to go to see the wedding at least long enough to see all my kids, plus the added stress that this will put on my mom is killing me, I don't even think that there is enough ice cream or chocolate in this world to help!!! So my friends please hang around even if I'm not posting as much, as I'm sure it will get worse in the near future, but I do so love all of you! Hopefully with my mom staying after the rest of my family leaves on the 18th I can recooperate a little faster and her and I can get down into the stamp room, and I can show ya some creations. Have a great day!
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