Thursday, May 10, 2007

Well here is the $1 spot Rhonna Fharra (sp) stamp from Joann's. I really like this stamp, but I just can't seem to color it to my liking. I don't know where to stop for the tail feathers. this card just sort of abrubtly stops, my other one that I did I colored further out, but not sure I like that one either. I also am not sure about the circle punch with the HI behind it, with the bird and scallop being punched out in an oval. I do like the colors. I will definitely have to use it again. I'm off work again tomorrow, I have an appt. to sign whatever papers are neccessary for my surgery on Tuesday. I talked with a nurse from the surgery center, and got all registered with them, and now I'm starting to get a bit nervous. Luckily I can take all my meds in the morning, including my anti-anxiety med. The nurse also told me that they can give me something through my IV if I get really nervous. Good thing, because from all this stress I've been having heartburn already........LOL Won't have to worry about that since I can't eat after midnight Monday really sucks though because my surgery isn't until 3:30 in the afternoon. What's up with that. They said the surgery is an hour long, and to expect a 2 hour recovery since I've never had any surgeries of any type. Good thing John took Wed. off too, because I can't be left alone for 24 hours. Hmmmm maybe he'll feel sorry for me and do the laundry while he sits home Wed. LOL Have a great night.
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Pat said...

Great card..good luck with your surgery!

LeoLion said...

Super cute card!!!! I like the circle punch with the hi in it. It's all good, don't stress IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! oh and don't forget to breath and laugh, laughter is the best medicine.

Amy said...

Jen, your cards are ADORABLE!

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