Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Here's a card I stamped a while back and had in holding just for instances like this one today............................I got to do absolutely no stamping this weekend what so ever. I was so sad. You see we got an unexpected phone call Friday night, asking us if Jake would like to play in a memorial day baseball game...........I sort of snickered because the coach, which is Jake's regular season coach, put this team together and it was made up of some of the best boys. I knew he had to be desperate for a player, but he assured me he wanted to give Jake some play time and extra practice. Boy oh boy was he ever right. Jake totally got his game together over this long weekend. He plays Right field, which he's not use to quite yet, he use to always play infield, but he has such an arm he really is a great asset for the outfield (now granted he doesn't quite get that yet LOL) He got out of his batting slump and smacked the ball a couple of times, caught some great pop flies, and even perfected his bunting a bit more. He's a good bunter, and he is fast so generally it pays off if he can lay down a good bump. We played a total of 6 games over 3 days, now don't get me wrong it was great to see Jake's confidence soar, but come on really...........no stamping over a 3 day weekend + absolutely no cleaning done by hubby Grrrrrrr! 15 days until my surgery, and my family gets here. That isn't that long to get this disaterous of a house cleaned up, especially since I'm still not suppose to be doing anything. Now if you've read this far I suppose I should give you a bit of info on the card LOL. The bird is one of those $1.99 stamps from Archiver's, the ribbon is a cheapy spool I got at michael's, the swirls are from 1 of the Rhonna acrylic sets that I have purchased in the past. The bird also has a bit of bling for it's eye! Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend. Hugs
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Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas said...

LAMO jen...if you read this far you should hear about the card!

Yes, I would have loved some sun...but wow that is a lot of baseball games over one weekend and I love baseball.

glad your son got some practice and confidence. It is true that sometimes kids think if they are not in the infield they don't get much credit,,,,which is way off BASE, because the whole team is needed...Have a good afternoon. More rain today. We have had toooooo darn much!

Karen (aka ND Stamper) said...

Isn't it wonderful to watch your kids build up their confidence in something. I'm glad you got to watch some baseball this weekend.

Don't stress - just tell mom that you have a new pet - dust bunnies! :-)

Take care and have a great day!

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